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Pop into the studio this April vacation for a personality portrait session. Your child is the star of the show. Shot on a simple white wall, these portraits can be hung anywhere in your home. 

$250 for one child, $100 each additional, $500 max per family. Each child receives 5 digital images (color &BW).

Email with any questions. 

Mini Portrait Personality Sessions

What to wear? Lights and whites photograph best for B&W images. Avoid large logos and patterns.

What to bring? You can bring one to two props. Are they currently obsessed with wearing rain boots year round? Do they never put down a favorite teddy bear? Instruments, sports equipment, a shredded baby blanket, whatever they are loving at this moment - feel free to bring it.

Who is this session for? The focus of this session is on individual children. If you are bringing more than one child, I will spend about 10 minutes with each child and grab a sibling shot as well. This session is for children ages 3 and up. For younger kids please reach out about a baby or toddler session. 

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